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Gettings things done

Schedule a query in 3 steps

Learn how to setup an ODBC connection, a SQL query and schedule it to send a daily email with the results attached.

Putting query results in the email body

Use place holder in your mail message to dynamically include query results, number of rows, dates, etc.

Writing different queries to same Excel file

Setup AutoSQL to write different query results to different sheets in the same Excel file

Using an Excel template for advanced formatting

Output the query result into an existing Excel file to pre define formatting or refresh a complete dashboard.

Mail settings for Office 365 and Gmail

Set up AutoSQL to mail using an Office 365 or Gmail account to enable your AutoSQL action lists to send emails with results.

Automating a daily SQL query

Use Windows Task scheduler to run your automated query on a daily basis

Articles & Knowledge base

Query automation

What is query automation? And how does AutoSQL relate to other tools from database vendors themselves?

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