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Q: I want to use Gmail for sending mail, which settings do I need?

A: You need to use '' as the server, port 465 and tick 'Use SSL'. If you use two step autentication for your Gmail account, you also need to create an app password. Please see this document from Google.

Q: I get an 'Architecture mismatch' error. What does this mean?

A: This happens when you use a 64 bit ODBC driver and run AutoSQL in 32 bit (or the other way around). AutoSQL is available as both 64 bit and 32 bit application. You should use the version that corresponds to the architecture of the ODBC driver you want to use.

Q: If I test my query from the GUI but I get very little results

A: The test query returns a maximum of 50 rows. If you test the entire action, it will return all rows and write it to the specified output file.

Q: Can I write the results to a network drive?

A: Yes, but make sure the user you run the automated command with has authorizations on the network drive.

Q: I choose to add the query result as an attachment, but it's not attached

A: Please check your settings on the maximum attachment size. If the attachment size exceeds this limit it will not be attached. You can also let AutoSQL ZIP your query results first.

Q: How do I put multiple email addresses in the To field?

A: Use a comma (,) to separate multiple email addresses.

Q: I want to add a timestamp column to my result. How do I do this?

A: Most databases support a current date function to provide an extra column with a timestamp (eg. now() ).

Q: If I choose append, is the header printed every time?

A: No. If the tool detects the output file already exists and it needs to append, it will not print the header column.

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