Multicaja SA

Multicaja, S.A. is a company located in Guatemala and is an approved entity of the Insured Mortgage Development Institute (FHA) since 1999, which is dedicated to the Professional Administration of Home Mortgages. The mission of Multicaja is to support the long term financing and the growth of housing supply in Guatemala.

Reporting on SQL server data

To support its activities Multicaja has created several reports on top of their SQL server based ERP system. Both financial as operational reports are send daily to management. The data is coming from their database behind the ERP system and copied to Excel to provide pivot tables and charts. This has been very useful for management, but taking the reporting department quite some time.

Saving time and effort

Jorge Mario Casasola Salguero, IT manager at AM Technologia is supporting Multicaja with their IT. They have been working with AutoSQL and found the opportunity to help Multicaja to save a lot of time creating their reports. “We use AutoSQL to automate reports that need to be made in Excel due to the financial and graphic analysis is simpler and faster. We have reduced the time of generating and sending the reports by 40% to 60%.”

Using Excel templates to quickly create dashboards

By using Excel templates as a starting point, all pivots and charts are predefined. This template is used by AutoSQL and it pushes the results from the SQL queries into the datasheets which cause the pivots and charts to update automatically.

For more information on using Excel templates with Autosql, see the support page.