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Please use the button below to download the latest Windows 64 bit installer of AutoSQL. This will work with all 64 bit ODBC drivers. If you only have 32 bit ODBC driver, pelase install the 32 bit version of AutoSQL.

Download Windows 64-bit installer

If you don’t want the installer, you can also download the binaries:

Download Binaries Zip file

Or if you need a 32 bit version, download it from below:

Download 32-bit installer

Download AutoSQL only from to have a safe installer and safe binaries

Trial license installation

When you start AutoSQL for the first time, you will get a pop up to request a free trial license. By clicking ‘Request Trial’ it will automatically be installed. This will require an internet connection, if not available you will be prompted to send an email to

How to request a trial

Change log

Date Version Change
March 2024 1.5.3
  • Enable the {date} place holder in the Excel sheet name
  • Extend the {date} place holder with formatting options
January 2024 1.5.2
  • Upgraded to new Excel library for better support of newer features
  • Bug fixes with writing HTML files
December 2023 1.5.0
  • Added support for external command executing, for eg moving output files to FTP
  • Added a new placeholder to put the value of a specific cell into an email
  • Improved logging in GUI mode
April 2023 1.4.9
  • Remove trial in the title when license is expiring
February 2023 1.4.8
  • Fix issue with constraints testing queries
  • Show license ID in info dialog
July 2022 1.4.7
  • Fix issue with sending mail on error
  • Add default SMTP configuration in general settings
July 2022 1.4.6
  • Disable FIPS Policy enforcement to prevent license reading issue
June 2022 1.4.5
  • Fix issue with selecting Excel template
April 2022 1.4.4
  • Have CSV / Excel / HTML settings directly in output tab
  • Improve performance and memory usage for CSV and HTML output
February 2021 1.4.3
  • Fix issue with {time} macro
  • Add scheduling within AutoSQL itself
January 2021 1.4.2
  • Change SMTP port in case of SSL activation
  • Open log file directly from menu