Simple and fast with AutoSQL

A lot of people run the same query every day, save the results and mail it to someone to take action. AutoSQL helps you to automate this process. Just specify your ODBC connection, query, output definition and mail options once. Schedule your SQL query to run at any time in the background. 

SQL query automation made easy!

a query and ODBC connection

SQL query

results to Excel, CSV or HTML

results through email

How AutoSQL works

  • Use the AutoSQL GUI to create a new task list
  • Add a new action
  • Choose an ODBC connection and specify a SQL query
  • Determine where the output needs to be saved, either in Excel ,CSV or HTML format
  • Choose to send the result by email, or only based on a certain amount of records
  • Link the output file or send it directly as an attachment

When you have defined all actions that need to be scheduled together, save your task list. Now copy the background execution command to the clipboard and schedule it using eg Windows Task Scheduler.


AutoSQL works with all databases that support ODBC. There is specific version to run with 32 and 64 bit drivers. AutoSQL has been tested with

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL
  • Many more…

Output options

  • Excel, CSV or HTML
  • Use {date} place holder in filename
  • Use {result:10} place holder to include result in the email text
  • Write to both local or network locations
  • Specify sheet and cell to use with Excel
  • Use Excel template to define formatting
  • Detailed specification of CSV format
  • Append or overwrite
  • Print or disable header

E-mail options

After the execution of a query, you can choose to send an email.

  • Send only email when more than X records (e.g. don’t send anything when there are no results)
  • Use place holders for number of rows, date, output path and the query to use in the subject and message
  • Optionally attached the output file and ZIP it if required

AutoSQL is used all around the world, some examples

Getting started with AutoSQL

Schedule a SQL query in 3 easy steps

Learn how to setup an AutoSQL. Create an ODBC connection, dfine a SQL query and schedule it to send a daily email with the results attached as Excel file.

Using Excel templates for advanced formatting

See how you can use AutoSQL to update a pre-defined dashboard in Excel. Schedule it to update it by inserting SQL query results and send it by mail.

Or watch the video below to see how easy it is to schedule a SQL query and mail the results every week:

More videos:

Is your database system not covered in the videos? Don’t worry, almost all databases work with ODBC and can be used with AutoSQL.

Download 30 day trial

You can download AutoSQL and request a 30 day trial license to see if AutoSQL can help you make your life easier!