Simple and fast with AutoSQL

Scheduling and automating your SQL queries can save you a lot of time. How often do you run the same query, save the result to Excel and send it by mail to the person needing it?

From SQL query to Excel attachment

Most databases support scheduling of queries, but often this is very technical and you need specific authorizations. With AutoSQL any user can schedule any database query and automate it to export to Excel, save it to the network or send it as an email attachment.

Setup an ODBC connection to any database supporting it and write your SQL query

Schedule it to run at any time or any interval
Write your query result to the network or local drive in Excel, CSV or HTML format
Send the results by mail. Make it conditional by doing this only if there are results

Use templates, placeholders and many more options

Using templates, place holders and other options you can fully customize the automation and scheduling of your SQL queries. Some of the most interesting:

  • Use {result:10} to include HTML result in the email body
  • Use {date}, {rows} and other place holders 
  • Use Excel templates to pre-format your output
  • Write different queries to different sheets in the same Excel workbook
  • Choose to send the result by email, or only based on a certain amount of records

Daily used with many different databases

AutoSQL works with all major databases that support ODBC like Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.  Customer use AutoSQL with many different databases on a daily basis:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Access
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

AutoSQL is used all around the world, some examples

“I tested AutoSQL and within 10 minutes I knew it was exactly what we needed. I love that I now have a way to track all sorts of ‘once in a blue moon’ events in our database and get an email when they actually happen.”

Jon Morgan – Digital Process Manager @ Woodlands Hills Wine Company

Download the free 30 day trial and schedule your first query

Schedule a SQL query in 3 easy steps

Learn how to setup an AutoSQL. Create an ODBC connection, dfine a SQL query and schedule it to send a daily email with the results attached as Excel file.

Using Excel templates for advanced formatting

See how you can use AutoSQL to update a pre-defined dashboard in Excel. Schedule it to update it by inserting SQL query results and send it by mail.

More videos:

Is your database system not covered in the videos? Don’t worry, almost all databases work with ODBC and can be used with AutoSQL.