One File To Rule Them All

Sometimes you want to run several queries and output the results into one Excel file. Typically each query result needs to go into a separate sheet in the same file. Let me show you how to do this with AutoSQL.

Create Excel file with first query

The first action needs to create a new Excel file. Therefore choose the ‘Overwrite’ option in the output options:

Select Overwrite

To make sure it is written to its own Excel sheet, go to ‘Optional Excel Settings’ and fill in a sheet name:

Choose worksheet

Append the next queries into the same Excel file

To write the other queries to the same file, use the same name but choose append:

Select Append

And don’t forget to put in a specific sheet name. If you know the number of columns that is generated by the query, you could actually also choose the same sheet, with a different cell to start. This way they will be put next to each other in the same sheet.

Select a different worksheet

Execute all of them and see the result

If you run this in the background, it will create the Excel file directly with all 3 results. In the AutoSQL GUI you can run them one by one, starting with the first query. This will create the Excel file as well:

Data in one file with multiple sheets