Customer cases

Woodland Hills Wine Company uses AutoSQL to prevent lost orders

Woodline Hills Wine Company is a wine speciality shop in California, USA. Next to their physical store, they have an online shop where customers can order wine 24/7. They use AutoSQL to monitor their e-commerce processes and makes sure they get triggered whenever an order get stuck in the EDI process. Jon Morgan explains how AutoSQL helps them monitor and why he choose AutoSQL.

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Bultsma Transport uses AutoSQL to stay on top of maintenace

Bultsma Transport is a transportation company in the Netherlands with a fleet of 17 trucks. Any down time of trucks is very costly for a transportation company. To prevent this, regular maintenance is key. The company has a lot of data available from their trucks because of their highly automated vehicle tracking systems.With all this data and the use of AutoSQL, the maintenance department get an email whenever a truck is due for maintenance in the coming two weeks.

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